After School Karate Club Registration for 2019/2020 School OPENS June 1!


RHKA Afterschool Program

(Grade 1 to Grade 9)

4-5 Days per Week – $75/week (incl tax)

            Our afterschool karate program is a great alternative to after school care which sets up your child for future success through the martial art of Karate. The art of Karate help improve discipline, concentration, awareness, self esteem, strength, self-defense and much more.

Students can either be picked up from their school in the Rutland area and driven to the Karate Academy or they can be dropped off after their regular school day. Once at the Academy the students will have a scheduled time for eating their snack before an hour of karate training by Sensei Rodney Hobson (6th degree black belt). Each student will have their own location to keep their gi (karate uniform) at the dojo full-time. During our karate class, your child will learn self-defense, multiple karate techniques, how to defend themselves, kata, and further traditional karate lessons. When the students have changed out of their gi’s after class, and those who’s rides have not yet arrived, are encouraged to read, study karate terminology (Japanese karate words) or start on their homework until they are picked up by their rides. On Fridays the After School Karate class students have discussions on dojo etiquette (acceptable behavior in the karate school), how to deal with bullying,  the Dojo Rules (code of behavior for karate students) and karate terminology (Japanese language) followed by a movie. The parent pick up time is between 5:00pm and 5:30pm, but earlier pick up times can be arranged.

If students do not have a snack or homework, we will have karate related activities for them to do for the time scheduled.

Schools we currently pick up from:

  • Currently we pick up for Rutland area schools only

OUR BUSES: All of our buses are part of the National Safety Code Program and are safety inspected by government licensed commercial vehicle inspectors (CVI).  All of our buses are fully equipped with seat belts for each seat.  All passengers on our buses are required to have their seat belts properly fastened at all times while seated on our buses.  No standees are permitted.
OUR DRIVERS: All of our drivers provide us with a certified abstract of their driving record and pass a police records check annually.  All of our drivers have a minimum of a Class 4 Unrestricted BC Drivers License.

If you are interested in having your child derive all the benefits from training in traditional karate and you want to fill that time between end of school and dinner with a positive experience then please consider our After School Karate Program.  We provide so much more for your child’s future.