Cyber Dojo

Welcome to RHKA’s Cyber Dojo!

Within you will find all the documents our membership would require to advance through the ranks, study at home, as well as some cool videos from our YouTube Channel.

How to tie your Karate belt (1)
How to tie your Karate belt (2)

Student Manual

Testing Syllabus / Grading Requirements

Karate BC Benefits

Student School Credits

RHKA Members doing Kata

10 Step – Training Drill
8 Step – Training Drill

27 Movements – Front View
27 Movements – Slow

Tae Kyoku Shodan – Front View
Tae Kyoku Shodan – Side View

Heian Shodan – Front View
Heian Shodan – Side View

Heian Nidan – Front View
Heian Nidan – Side View

Heian Sandan – Front View
Heian Sandan – Side View

Heian Yondan – Front View
Heian Yondan – Side View

Heian Godan – Front View
Heian Godan – Side View

Tekki Shodan – Front View
Tekki Shodan – Side View

Jion – Front View
Jion – Side View

Kanku-Dai – Front View
Kanku-Dai – Side View

Kanku-Sho – Front View
Kanku-Sho – Side View

Nijushiho – Front View
Nijushiho – Side View

Enpi – Front View
Enpi – Side View

Gankaku – Front View
Gankaku – Side View

Bassai-Dai – Front View
Bassai-Dai – Side View