Upcoming Events

Pro-K (Pro-D) Days at RHKA!!

October has 2 Pro-K Day’s at RHKA!! October 11th, and October 25th!
We are now offering Pro-K Day (Pro-Karate Day) camps for all kids (non members too). Each day will feature 3 Karate classes (2.5hrs worth) as well as talks about bullying, self-confidence, and self-esteem. On top of all that we will squeeze in swimming at the YMCA.
  Every Pro-D Day at school we will offer a full day of exercise and productive learning at our Karate Academy. Drop off will start at 8 am and pickups from 5-5:30pm.
  8:00-8:30 – Child pickups and drop-offs
  8:30-9:30 – First Karate class (Basics & Kata)
  9:30-10:00 – Snack, Bully-prevention talks
  10:00-11:00 – Games 
  11:00-12:00 – Second Karate Class (Weapons & Kumite)
  12:00-1:00 – Lunch
  1:00-3:30 – Swimming at YMCA
  3:30-4:00 – Third Karate Class (Self-Defense and talks on self-confidence)
  4:00-5:30 – Martial Arts Movie!!
  This program will offer your children and your family & friends children a great way to add tremendous value to their lives through one solid day of constructive learning and fun. We have the big 15 passenger van (Sensei driving) to transport the smaller children to the YMCA for swimming (the bigger kids will walk with the Day Camp Leaders). We will only accept the first 20 people into the program and you are welcome to pre-book your spot for future Pro-K Days.
  Please tell your friends and get your kids to sign their friends up … we love the extra time with our current members and to work with their family/friends.
  As you know RHKA is very fair on pricing and will be offering this program for ONLY $30/day! (This is FREE for all our After School Karate Club members)!
  Thanks everyone, you can book through email or by calling the office 250-491-8313.