RHKA – Salvation Army Christmas Fundraiser

Believe it or not Christmas is just around the corner and RHKA would like to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and what better way to do that then to think about how we can make a special Christmas for a local family!

As many of you know RHKA and its families are all about supporting the community. This Christmas RHKA has chosen to sponsor a LARGE family through the Salvation Army. We are looking to raise $550 to provide one family with a wonderful Christmas.  There are many ways you can help us reach our goal:

1.     From buying a coffee, November 4-December 6 .50 cents from every coffee sold will go towards our goal.

2.     We will be decorating our dojo with Christmas karate guys that you can purchase and decorate for $2 each.

3.     We will be raffling off an espresso maker (kindly donated by the Sali family).

4.     There are also other ways you can help us raise money from bringing in baking that we can sell or taking back the bottles at the dojo!!

On November 25th we will receive more information on deals about our family – how many kids – what genders – so we can purchase gifts for these family members. We will be looking for anyone how would be kind enough to purchase a gift for one of the family members or take some of the money we have collected and donate your time to purchase it and bring it in.

We know all of you are just as passionate as we are about helping others, we hope you will help us raise the money we need to give one family a brighter Christmas.