Super Email – Oct 18, 2013

Hi RHKA members,
  It’s been a while since my last super email – so I figure it’s time again.
Enclosed you will find information on:
1- Officials Clinic (tomorrow)
2- BC Winter Games Playoff Tournament
3- Pro-K Day (Pro-D Day Camps)
5- RHKA’s New Website
6- Buddy Passes
7- Halloween Cards
8- Racquel’s big win
9- Noah’s going to be a BIG BROTHER!
10- Coffee now available!
1) Officials Clinic
  Tomorrow RHKA is hosting the Zone 2 Officials Clinic at our dojo. This is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the competition rules, interested in becoming an official or who just wants more information on the different areas of karate. If you want to certify; you must be 14yrs old minimum and green belt or higher, but anyone can attend and gain the knowledge.
  The clinic runs 9am-4pm.  You can register at the door, and the information is available on our website or by clicking HERE.
2) BC Winter Games Playoff Tournament
  BC Winter Games is available only to 12/13 yr olds. This event is held every two years thus this is literally a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity. Competitors must compete in both Kata and kumite and the team is selected by the highest placing competitors of both divisions. This is the first year with two belt categories Novice&Intermediate, as well as Advanced/Black. There are also weight divisions in kumite – -44kg, 44-55kg, +55kg for both female and male competitors.
  We need registration ASAP for this event, you can register by email (just let me know you are wanting to compete and I will do the work) or by visiting the office.
  The information is available on our website or by clicking HERE.
3) Pro-K Days (Pro-D Day Camps)
  Our widely popular Pro-D Day Camps are running again with the new school year. We call them Pro-Karate Camps. Our next camp is scheduled for October 25th – drop off is anytime after 8am with pickup 5-5:30.  During the camp the members will receive 3 classes of karate, talks on bullying-confidence-discipline and social behaviour, as well we usually go to the YMCA for a swim in the afternoon.
  This camp will be a bit special as it looks like it will be ran by two black belts! Senpai Jayden and myself will likely run this one so you know you will get the fun of Senpai Jayden matched with the meanness of me, haha. Good mix.  The entire day is only $35, and FREE to our After School Karate Club members.
  Sign up at the dojo, again, more information is available on our website or by clicking HERE.
  UFC 166 – Velasquez vs Dos Santos III will be playing at RHKA on the big projector! Everyone is invited to watch this outstanding fight card. If you have come to a previous UFC you know the show is only part of the fun, as getting to spend ‘out-of-gi’ time with each other is very special in itself. We all bring a few snacks to share and order pizza (every chips in if you want pizza) to top off the night.
  The cost is only $10/family or $5/individual – The UFC costs us $65 to order (main card and pre-lims) so anything above that cost goes towards pizza.
  Greg Kleemiar (Riley & Kieran’s Dad) is in charge of all UFC events, so please pay him when you arrive. Information is available on our website or by clicking HERE.
5) RHKA’s NEW website
 If you have yet to check it out – PLEASE DO! www.rhka.com 
  Big thanks to Kevin Pedersen for helping to get this up and operational. With this new site we will be constantly updating it to provide you with the latest information from the comfort of your own computer. Usually we had all information at the desk but this way you can view, download & print all the documents from your home and send it with your kids to class. It is a HUGE improvement!
6) Buddy Passes
  We are now offering ‘Buddy Passes’ to all our members! These cards will allow you to invite your family and friends in for 2 FREE karate classes. The passes are unlimited meaning if you have 150 friends you want to invite, we will provide 150 to you. RHKA has been built on word-of-mouth, and you are our most important tools to advertising. Just talking about the experiences you or your child has here goes farther than anything else we can do. Also, it has a REALLY cute photo on the front of Zoe, Nick, Kieran and Jade. COME GET SOME!
7) Halloween Cards
  If you were with us last year you know the drill, but for those new people we will be handing out Halloween Passes to you all next week if you hand our candy. They are business sized cards that we ask each of you to throw into the bag of the kids who come to your door. They invite the kids to come try karate with us here by offering them TWO FREE WEEKS of karate classes. This is a great way for us to reach out to the community and it was very popular last year.  If you do not hand out candy – no problem, if you don’t want to participate – no problem, but we will be handing them out next week.
8) Congrats Racquel, Kyle and Cailan 
  If you watched Global, CHBC, or read the Daily  Courier or castanet you saw that our amazingly talented Membership Administrator Racquel was selected by ‘The Carma Project’ to receive a FREE car! Racquel has consistently supported the community of Kelowna through huge amounts of volunteer work with different organizations. Within RHKA she has volunteered many days, and currently volunteers every day to drive one of the vans for the After School Karate Club. This was a major life moment for their family and it could not have happened to a better family. We are all honoured to have you all with us at RHKA. I know it has been overwhelming for them and they want to get out of the spotlight – but if you want to read about it click HERE.
9) Noah’s going to be a BIG BROTHER!!
  Michelle and Pierre Jamison are pregnant!! Noah from our Little Ninja’s class is going to be a Big Brother! Congratulations to your family from all of us at RHKA, this is outstanding news.
10) Coffee now available at RHKA
  RHKA now has a super-Keurig machine to ensure all our parents have some hot coffee through the winter months. Coffee is available for only $1.50, and has multiple flavours to choose from. Use your own cup, or we have the large 12oz cups with sugar and real cream too. It’s right behind the main desk, help yourself!